Two moons. A bright blue sun. And long harsh winters. A world where myths haven't died out. RP as a Winterfrost Capital resident, or a cat from the Firelight Forest!
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 Winterfrost Capital plot

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PostSubject: Winterfrost Capital plot   Fri May 12, 2017 6:34 am

New events concerning the human side of the story will be documented on this post

To contribute to the story, simply begin roleplaying. Contact the forum Admin for ideas for future events.

Our world is as ancient as any other. Altough for the Universe we might be considered young and inexperienced. Our planet is illuminated by a freshly-born sun; The Blue Sun. However, as we are rotating so far away from it, its warmth doesn't fully reach us. Because of it, Neomea and Esteros, the two eternal moons, watch over us every night, offering us their soft light.

Humans from the beginning struggled. The cold froze them to death before the predators could, and scavengers made sure to eat their remains. Until we discovered fire, until we began using our intelligence, and until we started using animals' pelts as protection. The cavemen, living more comfortably than ever, wasn't satisfied with this. Winterfrost was created somewhere around then. The first city, made of wood and dirt, but it was the warmest place in the entire planet. This is where humanity began evolving.

What does Winterfrost look like? Well, just like your average city. Tall buildings and some rustic houses. A mansion (The Castle we now call it). Sharp shards of ice sticks to the walls and corners of every building, and when the light of the New Sun touches them, it creates a soothing blue glow that illuminates the streets, until the ice melts. At night, these lights look like blue fireflies.

From there on, society continued. However, there is not much I can tell you about that. Only we know that the Winterfrost Capital is the most advanced city we have available. Great geniuses always come from here, where the most prestigious university is located. But everything is changed currently. The streets aren't safe anymore. Poverty began attacking the less fortunate, causing anarchy. We weren't used to living on the streets, you see. We never had any orphans around, children used to play outside every time they could. It was a great place to live in, despite the neverending cold.

Our peace was restored when The Queen came. Nobody knows where she's from, or even who she is. Only that she's an elegant woman, incredibly beautiful and mysterious. The cost of her arrival was the same mysteriousness to our Capital.

Suddenly, people began disappearing. People with loving families, with decent jobs, even small children and babies; they would vanish instantly. And, at night, blue fireflies would come announcing their departure. What's the true nature of these fireflies? I believe our Queen knows more about the subject, because, as soon as these reports began, she changed. The doors to her Castle are always closed, she only comes out to give announcements, and she's hired more guards. Ironically, they look too much like the blue lights that always decorate Winterfrost's corners.

Meanwhile, we are suffering the worst of it. Entire families disappearing, strange murder scenarios, and the isolation of our Capital. Communications suddenly worked only for our residents, and we couldn't speak to anyone from the outside. Phone numbers, internet connection, even websites, all of them replaced by things only we could use. Only fictional books are allowed at libraries, but books explaining the history of another city are burned and thrown away.

Every Winterfrost resident is a prisoner. A prisoner in their own home. And we are all waiting for the moment for our execution. When the fireflies come.
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Winterfrost Capital plot
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