Two moons. A bright blue sun. And long harsh winters. A world where myths haven't died out. RP as a Winterfrost Capital resident, or a cat from the Firelight Forest!
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 Firelight Forest plot

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PostSubject: Firelight Forest plot   Fri May 12, 2017 6:36 am

Events concerning the Five Clans of the forest will be documented here.

To contribute to the story, simply roleplay in the forum. Contact the forum Admin to include ideas for future events.

At the time, there were four leaders. Four majestic cats that responded to the call of the wild, and came to live in the Firelight Forest; the only place big enough to support them and their Clan. But where did they come from? A long time ago, these cats were pets to the humans in the city. Until no more cats were allowed there, and one by one, the humans threw us away, abandoned us. I am quite sure some of them didn't make it out alive.

And our lives here isn't any better. We are divided, we can never cooperate. The four Clans are so protective of their own piece of land, that they don't seem to realize we could be stronger united. But their chance has passed, and now we must live divided.

As we settled, we found out new cats who lived here. They claimed to have been there from the very beginning. These cats had shining purple eyes, and elegant bodies and movements. They didn't seem strong enough to win any battle, but... we knew they held wisdom, information that was more valuable than our own lives. So then, they let us stay, as they knew we needed somewhere to live.

These purple-eyed cats taught us everything. They trained healers to cure diseases, they trained leaders to help us through any struggle, and they taught us ancient battle moves they didn't have to use anymore. They taught us how to hunt here, and where to find water and shelter. ThunderClan and ShadowClan took the lusher parts of the forest in the middle, while RiverClan took the side nearest to the city, closer to the river. WindClan took the other side of ThunderClan and ShadowClan's territory, a place with only a few trees but a wide field for them to run. They decided to make two camps, South and North, to cover more territory.

And everything went well for a while. These cats, now calling themselves Clan of the Fireflies, didn't bother us at all. Once in a while they called for a Gathering, according to them, to maintain peace between the Clans. They usually roamed our territory freely, and every Clan leader was welcome to go to them for advice. However... they never taught us about the purple fireflies that come out at night.

All we know is that they come when you're sleeping, wake you up, and dance in front of you. It's almost as if they're inviting you to play. And they're hypnotic; barely any cat could ever resist to that beautiful creature. Eventually, these cats end disappearing; probably, they end up falling in the Endless Fall, never to be seen again. Our numbers are dropping dangerously, and I wonder if I'll see the day where we understand the true nature of these creatures, and the forest around us.
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Firelight Forest plot
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