Two moons. A bright blue sun. And long harsh winters. A world where myths haven't died out. RP as a Winterfrost Capital resident, or a cat from the Firelight Forest!
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:05 am

Hello, and welcome to Stars of Winter, a roleplaying site half-based on the Warrior Cats series, half based on the Founder's imagination. I am glad that you are thinking about joining, but before you do there are certain rules that you must follow. This is so every user can play in a comfortable environment without arguments or disrespectful users.


  1. Respect every user, no matter their age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc. Insulting, humiliating, bullying, threatening or harassing other users is strictly forbidden. Disagreements must be discussed politely without any signs of rudeness or hostility. Making fun of a user for their roleplaying skills is also not allowed.

  2. Never ask for another user's account information. Asking for their password or e-mail account is forbidden, nor is giving it to another person. The staff will never ask for your account password.

  3. Never give your personal information, publicly or privately. Age, gender and country are acceptable, but you may not give, nor ask another user for their full name, address, school name, family member(s) name(s), phone numbers, social media accounts, etc. Do not post pictures of yourself or any of your family members, friends or acquaintances on the forum, and on your profile picture and signature.

  4. Mature content is strictly forbidden. This includes, but it's not limited to, videos, images and mention of sexual themes, illicit substances and violence. Punishment will be applied even if said jokingly and/or privately.

  5. Political debate and religious topics are not allowed, in form of text, video or image.

  6. Users below thirteen (13) years old may only register with their parents'/guardians' authorization and supervision. Younger users who register do so at their own risk.

  7. Refrain from using explicit language. Excessive use outside the RP can cause your account to be banned. Use inside the RP must be moderate. Using an insult in your username will cause you to be banned instantly.

  8. Any arguments between users should be discussed with the staff and via private message, not publicly. Refrain from adding messages that incite hatred to certain members, in your signature or in any of your posts or topics. If you see someone breaking the rules, contact the staff privately. Do not confront them yourself and do not make a topic calling them out.

  9. Only one account per person. If a user creates more than a single account, the newer one will be banned. Repeatedly creating accounts will cause the user to be permanently banned from the site. If another member of your household creates an account, please inform the staff members beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings.

  10. Chainmail is not allowed and will cause the offender to be banned. This includes posting in topics, in your profile and/or in private messages to another user.

  11. Double post is not allowed regardless of how much time has passed. Refrain from bumping older posts; if another user must answer the topic, send them a private message. The staff will lock old topics if many users are bumping it.

  12. Images on topics are allowed if they are posted under a spoiler tag and given proper credit. Art theft will not be tolerated; all art must be credited giving the artist's name or pseudonym. However, they may not be used to roleplay under any circumstances. This rule does not apply to profile pictures, but it is encouraged.

  13. Users are free to choose whether to roleplay in the main forum or the Another Dimension category without the need to post in the main roleplaying forum. However, users who only visit the Community category will be temporarily banned, and they may lose access to that category.

  14. Do not use any colors, different fonts or font sizes in your posts unless it's strictly needed. This is to ensure each member can read every post fluently and without straining their eyes. Do not write your character's dialogue with a different color. The staff will use colors when moderating.

  15. Images in signatures is allowed; however, the staff asks you to control the amount of pictures you use, and to use the least amount of gifs possible. Larger pictures may cause the site to run slower for certain users, and you may be asked to remove a few if this happens.

  16. Do not post external links of music, software, games or movies download, unless they are free license and it's on the site of the owner. Character themes are only allowed if mentioned, posting links to the song, either for download or for view, is forbidden unless it's free license.

  17. Limit the use of emoticons you use in your posts. Do not use them inside the roleplay under any circumstance.

  18. Impersonating another user from the forum is strictly forbidden. The offender will be permanently banned if caught.


  1. Excluding certain characters is allowed by the RP owner; however, excluding users from joining an open roleplay is forbidden. The owner of the roleplay must specify in their post why did they reject that character; if they fail to provide an explanation, their topic can be locked. Speak with the staff if there is an issue with that member. If the roleplay will likely contain gore, or another element that may be offensive for that certain user, specify it in your post.

  2. No one-liners. The minimum required for each post, in-role, is four lines or seventy (70) words. Be as descriptive as possible if you are having issues meeting this limit. The staff will not strictly count each word of each post, but we will make sure users are notified if they repeatedly make short posts.

  3. Although this forum does not reject any user regardless of their writing skills, it is preferred to have decent grammar and a correct use of punctuation marks. It is preferred that each roleplayer, both new and experienced, enhance their skills practising on this forum in order to make it a better experience for everyone.

  4. Every post title should have the same format. Any post with a different format will be locked until the user changes it.
    [Private/Open/PAFP]Roleplay title [Extra info]
    Extra info should be added only when necessary. Users may use it to show how many roleplayers are accepted in PAFP (Private After First Post), which characters are allowed/needed to keep the story going, etc.

  5. Only the users accepted by the original poster should join private RPs. In both private and PAFP, the original poster must provide a list of users or characters in the first post. Users who repeatedly join private roleplays, without being authorized, will be banned temporarily.

  6. Do not join any canon roleplay, open or private, before posting your character in the Character Center and having it approved. Additionally, each user may only have one post in the Character Center. Adding more characters is allowed, but it must be done by replying in the same post. The post will never be locked, unless the user requests it.

  7. If the staff finds inactive characters (which haven't been used in six months), the user will have to provide an explanation in-universe. If the user fails to give an explanation, it will be considered dead or given in the Adoption forum. If the user is inactive, they will be given one year before the staff decides what's going to happen with their characters.

  8. Roleplaying as an abusive character is acceptable, as long as it's not taken to an extreme. Be moderate and careful with them as to not make anyone uncomfortable.

  9. Roleplaying explicit or suggestive sex in the forums is forbidden, as well as the mention of rape in roleplay and/or in your character's backstory. Mature RP with underage users is strictly forbidden, even in private messages. It is encouraged that users report this offense immediately.

  10. The death of a character is up to the user, they do not need the staff's approval or authorization.. However, make sure to update this information in the Character Center. Dead characters cannot be used again unless the RP is happening in the past. If this is the case, it must be specified in the topic title. Also, it's preferred, yet not obligatory, to let the staff handle the topics in the Graveyard subforum.

  11. Do not use images that aren't yours, nor drawn for you, in the Character Center. This will count as art theft, and the user will be asked to remove the picture. Provide proof if you are allowed to use said image. If this is not the case, it is recommended that the user gives a description of their character's appearance with text.

  12. Use the script given by the admin to add a new character. Adding more information (such as sexuality, backstory or family members) is fine, but removing or failing to complete information will cause your character to be rejected.

  13. Unrealistic characters will not be accepted. The staff can reject any character they consider unrealistic or unfitting to the canon universe. Your character may not have any powers, unnatural fur or skin colors, unrealistic names or strange eye colors. The amount of characters with heterochromia (eyes of different colors) will be very limited, as this is uncommon.

  14. Powerplaying is not allowed. In other words, controlling another user's character, with or without their authorization. This includes actions, thoughts, feelings or dialogues. You can only describe what your character sees them doing if the other user has previously described their actions. Controlling a secondary character is allowed to any player.

  15. Only certain users selected by the staff are allowed to have high ranks with their characters. The staff can reward certain users for their activity or responsibility with a character of any rank they desire.

  16. Human kids can join the roleplay as orphans, or they can consider their family as secondary characters. Roleplaying from their point of view, however, is not allowed. For cat kittens, they cannot join without a mother, biological or adoptive. If adoptive, there must be a reason for the real mother being missing, even if it's not mentioned in the roleplay.

  17. Do not include any important information in your roleplay if it is not mentioned by the staff. This includes, for example, Winterfrost's overall appearance, the name of a band of cats that are not from the Clans, etc. If needed, the user may post a suggestion here.

  18. Cats cannot roam in the Capital, and humans cannot explore the Forest. Cats and humans can only meet in the Outskirts subforum. Humans can only go a few steps into the Forest, but they must return in order to avoid any discrepancies or contradictions with the cat roleplay.

  19. If a meeting with a high rank is needed, either from the Clans or the Capital, the user must arrange a private roleplay beforehand with that user. The user can decide to not roleplay with the user who requests it, but they at least must answer to what the user is asking for, so they can mention it in their posts. For example, if a cat needs to travel and they have to ask their leader first, they can freely mention that said leader allowed them to go.

  20. The user is responsible for telling a staff member if their character has some sickness. Depending on it, the staff can make it part of the plot, and it will be required that other users include it in their topics.

  21. No cat character shall mention the warrior code, nor use words seen in the Warriors books. Only the names and certain traditions will be included in Stars of Winter. Ask a staff member if you are unsure about what is allowed and what is not.

If any user is seen breaking any of these rules, they will be punished accordingly. Low severity offenses will be received by a post from a moderator or admin, and the highest severity will be received with a permanent ban. It is encouraged that users report any offenders, either with screenshots or links, with both new and old members, both users and staff alike.
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Site Rules
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