Two moons. A bright blue sun. And long harsh winters. A world where myths haven't died out. RP as a Winterfrost Capital resident, or a cat from the Firelight Forest!
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 Guide for Newbies

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PostSubject: Guide for Newbies   Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:34 pm

Ah, hello! Welcome to Stars of Winter! A free roleplaying site loosely based on the Warriors series, but also based on my own imagination. I created this guide to guide you around, show you what you can do here and possibly, force you to join. *evil laugh*
Well, not really. Whether you think this forum is worth it or not, that's up to you. But, in all honesty, I'd love to see you here! This guide will have many links, in order to completely show you what you can do so you're never lost when browsing this little forum.

First of all, you might have a few questions. If you're here, I'll guess you already know what RP means. But if you don't, do not worry! I'm here to explain.

RP, or roleplay, is when you play with other users, creating a collaborative story. Your character will interact with others in any way you want. Be it an adventure, a love story or a fight, you will live different situations through your characters!
And Stars of Winter is simply a roleplaying forum. Here, you will make a post describing your character's actions, which will likely have huge impact on the actions of other characters, while their actions affect yours. You never know what's going to happen!

Sounds great, right? But of course, this site, as well as the game, has rules. I want to make sure it is enjoyable for everyone, so no one will feel offended or uncomfortable playing, so if you see something that you don't like, you can report it to the staff. I'll make sure this site has a safe and comfortable environment! I recommend that you read the rules before joining. Just click here and make sure to read them all.

Read the rules? Let's continue!

Now, all you need to do is join by clicking on the "Register" button at the top of the site. Pick an username, making sure it doesn't contain any personal information. It can be a nickname, a character, a word you like or anything you want, as long as it's not insulting. You will be asked to give your e-mail address, but don't worry; you have the option to not show it publicly. In fact, I recommend that you don't show it, because anyone could see it.

REMEMBER: Most sections of the forum will be hidden until you register.

Done? Good! Now, you can click on "Edit profile" at the top and change your profile settings, like your avatar, your signature, and other things. All I ask is that you don't claim pictures that aren't yours, and that you don't use any personal pictures! If you don't want to edit your profile right now, you can jump to the Introductions page and make your first post. Just tell us a little about yourself! You might meet a new friend there.

"And when will I start roleplaying?"

Now, you have two options. The first is to read the plot page, just so you know exactly what's happening in the story. Once you're done, copy one of the following scripts, and click on the New Topic button in the Character Center. Paste the script and fill it with your character's information. This will be your own character, and you will be able to use it in any roleplay you want! However, the title of the topic must be "(your username)'s characters". When you're done, and you posted it, just wait until a staff member approves your character. Don't worry, I won't be too strict.

And while you're waiting, you can move to your second option. Welcome to Another Dimension, where you can roleplay freely without going through the process of having your characters accepted. While you're there, you will meet a few other users who might want to RP with you in the main forum!

If that doesn't happen, you can take this chance to make a topic in the Relationships forum, and find people with interesting plots, or people who would be interested in joining yours.

"My character was accepted. And now?"

Simply create a new topic in the main forum. Just make sure to know where your character is from or where you'll be roleplaying. The title of the topic is up to you, the only rule is that it must be as it follows:

  • [Open/Private/PAFP]Title [Extra info]

As you can see, each one of them have colors. Next to where you type the title, you'll see an option to change the color. This way, when people are browsing through the forum, they can easily see which are open and which aren't.

Open topics means everyone can join. It is recommended that the topic owner gives a script for characters, and that every new poster fills it. The topic owner is allowed to reject any character, but it is obligatory they provide an explanation for it. For example, a roleplay about a school environment would reject a criminal character. A ThunderClan RP would reject any of the other Clans. It is not allowed to reject a character because of the user; the only exception is if, for example, the owner creates a topic that will likely contain gore, and they'd like to avoid having younger users around.

PAFP means Private After First Post, which means only the owner and the first character which appears can post on the topic. Additionally, the owner can include how many people will be allowed in the topic title. For example, "[PAFP]Stars of Winter [3 spots left!]".

Private post are only between the owner and selected users. It is required that the owner includes a list of users who will be roleplaying, and if possible, a list of characters. Nobody other than the people listed may join the post, and they may only add new characters if the owner allows it.

"What about my characters from the Another Dimension section?"

Obviously, Stars of Winter will be the canon section. Characters, alive and dead, will have their own post. There will be events concerning the main forum in which AD characters won't be able to participate. Also, posting in the Relationships section for AD plots is not allowed. Not to mention, there are features planned for this forum that will make you want to keep in the Stars of Winter forum! But I can't give them away now.

Now, to the roleplay! Simply write from your character's point of view, using third or first person. That is up to you. Each IR (in role) post should be at least four lines or 70 words long. Also, it shouldn't have any emoticons or pictures, no colors and no different fonts or sizes. The use of bold, italics, etc. and aligments is allowed. It is required that each person has a correct grammar so the others can read their posts fluently, at least IR.

"My character has died. Can I use it again?"

You are allowed to RP with other dead characters in the past, as long as it doesn't conflict with everything they did in the present. However, you cannot use it in events or join any present RP. You must also inform the staff of your character's death, or you can create a new topic in the Graveyard. Your character, for now, can not come back to life. (maybe in the future... *wink*)

"How many characters can I have?"

I believe a maximum of ten characters in the main forum is a reasonable number. Speak to a staff member if you wish more, however the privilege will be granted only to those people who have proven they can control all ten characters at once. If a member has inactive characters, they will be asked to start using them or decide what's going to happen to them.

And, if you're feeling tired from roleplaying and you need a break, check out the Community section to see what everyone else is up to!

That's pretty much it! If you're still confused about it, go to the Questions, Suggestions and Feedback forum and create a topic. Registering is not needed to post there, so ask freely!

Have a nice day!
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Guide for Newbies
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