Two moons. A bright blue sun. And long harsh winters. A world where myths haven't died out. RP as a Winterfrost Capital resident, or a cat from the Firelight Forest!
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 Stars of Winter Plot

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PostSubject: Stars of Winter Plot   Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:26 pm

Stars of Winter Plot Post
Every RP topic is required to follow the forum theme. New events will be documented on this post.

Human Side

Our realm is as ancient as any other, although for the Universe we might be considered young. Right at the start we have learned to coexist with other creatures, to respect their lands and to respect them, but somewhere along the way, a few got lost in that tradition...

When we look at the sky, we see a bright blue light shining above us. The New Sun we call it, as blue flames are the signature of a freshly born Sun. At night, two moons shine at us, close together in eternal love. An old tale goes, "Neomea and Esteros have lived for long, each second of their life lived with love." It is common knowledge that The New Sun lets them shine eternally at night because he was moved by their deep relationship, but in return, he ask them to protect our land and its residents.

Our culture is what you could say, advanced. We have machines, factories, artificial lights, cell phones, computers, and many other things that could be difficult to understand for any other being. But at the same time, we believe old customs should never die, and we still believe in our old fairytales, our city is reigned by a Queen, and we still believe in magic and curses.

The Winterfrost Capital is where everything began, hundreds of years ago. It is because of us that humans are so advanced now, as our ancestors have chosen this place due to its richness of materials. However, the Firelight Forest loomed nearby, and so they constructed the wall that surrounds our city in order to protect themselves.

The New Sun didn't particularly like this, as he decided he would shine less for us. The city was then sent into a long winter that lasted for many months before the trees started to wither. It was then when the Sun understood he couldn't punish other creatures for our foolishness. He decided only the Capital would suffer the effects of the eternal winter. Our summers would be just enough to get the water flowing to the river, and our winters would be met with ice and snow. This punishment was carried effectively, even today.

And yet here I am, fearing that there's something else to our fairytales. Something the Queen knows, yet she's reluctant to say. Something that might change our future, for better or worse, forever...

Cat Side

Firelight Forest, the lusher forest you could ever find in the world. It is home to us, four Clans, fighting for our honor and the honor of our ancestors. At day, the Blue Sun shines brightly over us, offering warmth, lighting our paths forward. The forest offers just enough cover for us to hunt, and just enough obstacles for us to fight. It is as if this place was designed, just for us.

Right at the RiverClan border lies the Endless Falls, which nobody should come close to. Swimming in the river is strictly forbidden, as the strong currents will carry you to your endless torture. The waterfall, having no end, has nothing to stop your falling. Cats who were lost to it are probably still falling... and falling...

ThunderClan holds the lusher part of the forest. ShadowClan takes the pine forest next to them. WindClan, strangely enough, takes the land that surrounds them in a half circle, and they have a camp on each end. RiverClan is opposite WindClan, closer to human territory, where more rivers appear ending in an overflowed lake. No Clan gets more prey than the other, and we're all equally thin, as prey has many places to hide from us. Even the fish seek for safer places at the bottom of the lake, where the cats cannot reach.

As night falls, purple lights start to appear. The fireflies. They're quite beautiful, and relaxing to look at. However, it is forbidden to follow them, as they will purposely get you lost... or they might send you to your death. It is known that, if a firefly appears into your den at night, you were selected to join your warrior ancestors in the sky. Cats have fallen for this, tricked by the light's beauty, and we've lost valuable warriors because of this. Who can tell what's at the end of the road?

And who knows... when the dissapeared will come back?

Only our warrior ancestors, up in the sky, can know the truth, as we wait in despair for our loved ones. As we see how our sanity slowly drains, as we stop trusting in everything. As the Forest itself is out for our lives.
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Stars of Winter Plot
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