Two moons. A bright blue sun. And long harsh winters. A world where myths haven't died out. RP as a Winterfrost Capital resident, or a cat from the Firelight Forest!
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 The differences and similarities between Stars of Winter and the Warriors series

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PostSubject: The differences and similarities between Stars of Winter and the Warriors series   Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:19 am

I have decided that, in order to avoid any misunderstandings in the roleplay, I would explain how different is this forum from the Warriors series. For those who don't know, it's an ongoing book series about cats, created by Erin Hunter. Knowing about them is not necessary to roleplay here, as much of it is left out.

I will also take this opportunity to explain what is and isn't allowed in the cat roleplays, and what could be considered contradictory.

The Four Clans and StarClan

First of all, the Clans. Normally, in the Warriors series, there are four Clans (five actually, but four are the main focus of the story). Just like in Stars of Winter, these are called ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan and WindClan. The fifth one was created for this forum alone, The Clan of the Fireflies. This Clan will be explained further as the story progresses, but it is basically a Clan of wise cats who seem to understand the world better than any of the others. Think of them as prophets. The cats from this Clan don't seem to age, they are scattered through the territories and their camp is in the center of the forest, where more prey live and with a source of clean water nearby.

This will replace StarClan. As we know, StarClan are the Clan's ancestors who watch the cats from the sky. Dead spirit cats, basically. But in Stars of Winter, StarClan doesn't exist, neither does the Dark Forest. The cats, when they die, cannot appear in spirit form.

Every Fireflies Clan cat will have the same eye color: purple. The tones may vary depending on their eyesight. This is to differentiate them from the rest of the Clans, and to show the connection they have with the forest and the fireflies.

Cat Names

The naming system will remain the same, only with a few changes. Of course, the cats will only use words they know about. This naming system will include a prefix and a suffix. Just like in Warriors, the suffix will determine their rank. -kit for kittens, -paw for apprentices. For leaders, their prefix will come from their Clan. -thunder for ThunderClan, -river for RiverClan, etc. For this reason, using "star" as suffix or prefix is allowed, as it's not considered a sacred name.

In return, using thunder, river, shadow and wind as suffix or prefix is banned.

We won't use cat words like mouse-brain or leaf-bare. The Clan of the Fireflies taught the cats some words that the humans use, so while they don't know what some objects are, they know what winter is.

However, winter, summer, spring and autumn are words you cannot use as names. Yes, even spring. This will be explained as the story progresses. And even though "fall" means the same as autumn, it's accepted as suffix or prefix.

The names of the Fireflies Clan cats will be slightly different from the main Clans. They will consist of only one word that is important to them, usually a feeling, a memory, a type of color or something the main Clans might not know about. The words that are sacred to the Clans, however, are sacred to them.

Made up names are also accepted for these cats. However, they must be approved first. They must sound like they belong to a wise character.

The Warrior Code and Rules

There's no warrior code. Cats can fight to death if they have to, however they still have honor, and will protect the young and old above all else. All the elders will be able to roam freely through the territory, and they will be greatly respected.

The Gathering will happen once a month, although in the roleplay it will happen once every two months. The Gathering will take place from when the month starts to when the month ends. They will happen inside The Clan of the Fireflies's territory, as they will be the ones who organize it.

Medicine Cats and Cats Outside the Clans

Since the medicinal herbs used in the books might not exist here, I will provide a list of herbs. Also, the medicine cat is now called "healer", and their only job is to protect the Clan from sickness. Interpreting signs is not part of their duties.

There are no rogues, loners or kittypets, so these words should never be mentioned. In other words, cats who live outside the Clans don't exist. Winterfrost residents don't have cats as pets, but they can have dogs.

Wild Animals and Romance

The cats are at the top of the food chain. This means foxes do not appear in the territory, unless there's an even specifying it.

Forbidden romance will not be tolerated in the Clans, regardless of love. Healers may have kittens, but they must be left to the Clan to care for them. Having a mate from another Clan will come with a severe punishment as well, which will be carried out on the Gathering.

That's it. This is how the cat RP will work basically. I should mention that if your character breaks the last rule, the Clan leader must know about it. If there's anything you need, post in the Questions subforum.

Have a nice day!
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The differences and similarities between Stars of Winter and the Warriors series
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